Why You Should Join Our Aquatic Therapy 

Why You Should Join Our Aquatic Therapy 

Aquatic therapy, as the name suggests, is a therapeutic intervention done in the water or the pool. Many health professionals recommend this as an exercise program for patients who are in rehab or their therapy sessions. This therapy uses the properties of water to promote inpatient healing and improve physical performance. Here at Dynamix (Home Health & Rehabilitation), a reliable provider of rehabilitation services in Bellflower, California, you can enjoy the health benefits of aquatic therapy with the guidance of our highly-trained professionals. 

Aquatic therapy helps reduce the stress placed in the joints that happen when doing physical activities outside the water. The buoyancy is the reason why there is no physical stress in the water. With the decrease in the amount of bone stress, patients, especially those with arthritis, can perform physical activities with lesser pain. Our professionals make sure that each patient in our outpatient services Montebello, California, will be guided throughout this therapeutic process.

However, not everyone is fit for this program. Those with heart conditions, fevers, infections, and bowel or bladder incontinence are not a good fit for this. We see to it that our medical professionals in our home health services in Downey, California, will provide you with a consultation to determine if this exercise is suitable for you.

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