Types of Rehabilitative Services

Types of Rehabilitative Services

Rehabilitative services are health care services that aim to restore and improve personal and physical functions. The need for these services often come about from impairments due to sicknesses, illnesses, disabilities, or accidents.

The following are the most common types of rehabilitative services:

  • Physical therapy generally treats physical impairments, which include pain alleviation, mobility improvement, and patient education on prevention and maintenance.
  • Occupational therapy, by comparison to physical therapy, treats the effects of physical impairments. It looks into rehabilitating emotional and behavioral effects and focuses on restoring patients’ ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) effectively.
  • Speech therapy works to fix and improve problems related to speech, language and swallowing.

Our licensed therapists, specialized according to their field of rehabilitation, will perform these services. If you need speech, occupational, and physical therapy services in Downey, California, trust Dynamix (Home Health & Rehabilitation). The agency is passionate about providing excellent, holistic, and accessible therapy services. Furthermore, its rehabilitative programs are available at patients’ homes or in other care settings or facilities at the preference of the patients themselves.

The agency also offers home health services in Montebello, California, in which skilled nurses, home health aides, and medical social workers are at the forefront of these services, depending on the patients’ specific needs and conditions.

Visit the agency today or explore its website at http://www.dynamix-rehab.com/ to learn more and avail of the above services and outpatient services in Bellflower, California.

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