Physical Therapy Tips for Stroke Patients

Physical Therapy Tips for Stroke Patients

Many patients and families take advantage of home health services in Montebello, California. Through these services, they receive the necessary care at home. Different groups of clients benefit from such services. One of these groups is the stroke patient.

Suffering from stroke means that one experiences its effects on your health. Your mobility may decline. Communication can be challenging. Taking advantage of physical therapy services in Downey, California will help in your rehabilitation.

Here are physical therapy tips you can follow:

  • Listen to your physical therapist.

    The physical therapist is your guide in your journey towards rehabilitation. They do so by developing a plan that suits your condition. For the treatment, they may visit you in your own home. You may also opt for outpatient services in Bellflower, California.

    With the important role that your physical therapist has in your recovery, listening to them is a must.

  • Perform stroke recovery exercises regularly.

    These exercises focus on strengthening the brain. After all, stroke deeply affects the brain which can, in turn, affect your physical abilities.

    The physical therapist will identify which stroke recovery exercises are suitable for you. Make it a point to perform these exercises on a regular basis.

  • Invest in home rehabilitation tools.

    There are tools that can help you recover from a stroke at home. Your physical therapist can recommend which tools can be good for you. Take note of what these tools are and invest them. This way, you can have these tools available and ready for use.

  • Improve therapy results through mental practice.

    You need to prepare for the therapy mentally to boost the results from the therapy. To improve the mobility of your affected hand, practice your movement in your brain. It helps promote neuroplasticity which is your brain’s ability to go through continuous changes.

  • Do not stop.

    At times, a plateau may hit stroke patients. A plateau is a state where your treatment plan seems to have little to no effect on your rehabilitation. Even if this is the case, do not stop. Your therapist may change things up for you.

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