Know If Your Child’s Pencil Grasp Needs Correction

Know If Your Child's Pencil Grasp Needs Correction

One of the biggest reasons why children get referred to occupational therapy outpatient services Montebello, California, is because of handwriting problems. Especially, pencil grasps. However, we must understand that pencil grasps usually don’t affect handwriting. Some grasps may look different from the norm, but they are functional.

If your reason for getting therapy is simply because you want your child to have a “normal” grasp, you shouldn’t. Not everyone can have perfect grasps, but even the weirdest-looking ones work perfectly well for someone else. The important thing is to determine if intervention is needed. Is that grasp functional or does your child need to have it corrected?

To answer that question, here are some situations when rehabilitation services in Bellflower, California is needed.

  • Experiencing frequent fatigue or strain when writing
  • Immature pencil grasp due to lack of hand strength
  • Grasping pattern that put unnecessary strain on the joint
  • Grasps that make it challenging to write at a functional speed

These situations are just some of the most common reasons why your child may need to see an occupational therapist. But you should keep in mind that fixing the pencil grasp doesn’t always mean that all issues in your child’s handwriting will be fixed.

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