How Does Physical Therapy Help Your Aging Loved One

How Does Physical Therapy Help Your Aging Loved One

Physical therapy and aging – can these two really serve each other well? The immediate understanding of how physical therapy services in Downey, California work is that these involve a lot of physical routines or exercises for the person to follow. However, many aging persons are not very keen on pursuing the active lifestyle as they perceive it to be too strenuous for them.

As leading providers of home health services in Montebello, California, let us share with you the effective ways that a physical therapist can help your senior loved one. In this post, we will share with you at least five age-related physical conditions that can be greatly alleviated by physical therapy.

  1. Arthritis
    Painful joints, particularly in the lower limbs, are one of the common complaints of the aging. This can be due to the wear-and-tear of the joints through the years. With physical therapy, your loved one will not be given treatment to the illness, but help on how to manage pain or reduce the instances that arthritic pains occur.
  2. Incontinence
    Another major issue in the aging years is the difficulty to control the bladder movements. This can be a messy issue when an “accident” happens. However, a licensed physical therapist can work with your loved one on doing pelvic exercises to strengthen their bladder muscles so that they can control it.
  3. Stroke
    When your loved one survives a stroke, their recovery from it depends on how severe the attack was and what interventions have been provided. With physical therapy, your loved one can be provided with sets of routines and rehearsal exercises to stimulate their sense of movement. While stroke has numbed the movement nerves, physical therapy can stimulate the neurons to reconnect with each other and recover their control gradually.
  4. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
    Another senior health issue is the respiratory ailment of COPD. This condition is particularly sensitive as seniors can experience breathing difficulties which can be harmful to their overall health. Physical therapists can help your senior loved one through routine exercises that are aimed to improve their breathing ability.
  5. Alzheimer’s
    For patients whose memory problems have affected their daily activities, physical therapists can also provide them with routines that will show your loved one how to do a particular activity they used to be doing. The patient will follow the therapist on routines that have to do with daily activities such as combing their hair, gardening, or dancing. This way, your senior loved one can mimic them and relearn the moves.

This list is basically a quick look at how physical therapy can provide great advantages to your senior loved one especially when it comes to their healthcare needs. When you want to give them this type of outpatient services in Bellflower, California, don’t hesitate to connect with our team at Dynamix (Home Health & Rehabilitation).

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