Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Bones and Muscles

Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Bones and Muscles

We understand that some seniors struggle with their mobility and flexibility. This is why as the leading provider of outpatient services in Bellflower, California, we are here to share with you a few effective ways to strengthen your bones and muscles. See how you can regain your flexibility and enhance your mobility when you follow our tips below:

  • Take in vitamins.
    As we get older, we must learn to give better significance to our health by taking in vitamins. Remember, vitamins and other supplements provide us with beneficial effects and nutritional balance. For elders who seek to make their bones stronger, it is highly recommended to include vitamin B and D in their maintenance. Calcium and iron can also be included in their dietary supplementation. However, make sure to consult a doctor before taking these pills!
  • Eat the right meals.
    A poor diet can affect your well-being and may lead to health problems. Rickets and osteoporosis are just some of the common health problems experienced by the elderly population due to poor nutrition. To avoid these conditions, make sure you pay attention to your diet plan. Get sufficient calcium from green leafy vegetables, dairy foods, and fishes. For foods that are good sources of vitamin D, cereals and eggs are the best options.
  • Get active.
    The more we get older, the more we must stay active. Examples of suitable activities that seniors can do are brisk walking and stair climbing. All of which are inexpensive ways to stay healthy and in good shape. Low-impact exercises like calf stretching, sideways bending, and leg raise are advisable for people with fragile or broken bones.
  • See a specialist.
    To build bone and muscle strength, you can seek help from a physical therapist. With their vast knowledge in the field, they can deliver the most exceptional geriatric program to enhance your condition. If you have physical impairments, you can also rely on them. They will provide you with excellent rehabilitation and treatment to boost your body function. So, if you know a senior having muscle and bone problem, tell them to seek the experts located in their vicinity!

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